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When & Where
(Math for Machine Learning will reconvene in Summer 2018)
Barrows 356: D-Lab Convening Room

Although programming aspects of machine learning in R and Python are challenging in themselves, the need to understand fundamental mathematical aspects is obligatory. It is unfortunately common in the social sciences to apply machine learning techniques to solve a particular problem without necessarily understanding their numerical underpinnings. Join the Math for Machine Learning summer reading group to engage with some of the math behind machine learning and your favorite algorithms!

We will meet Wednesdays during summer 2017 from 12-2pm on the following dates in 356 Barrows: May 24, June 7, June 21, July 5, July 19, and August 2.  Math for Machine Learning will reconvene in Summer 2018 and the Machine Learning Working Group will reconvene as normal on September 8, 2017 at 12:30pm in 356 Barrows Hall.

D-lab Facilitator: 
Evan Muzzall