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D-Lab provides multiple spaces for researchers to learn, work, and consult in several locations in Barrows Hall.

Click here to see hours of operation.

Map of D-Lab main offices (350-356 Barrows Hall)

Public Space - 356 Barrows Hall



The Collaboratory can be shaped to meet the needs of individuals or groups. It has movable furniture, docking stations, large monitors, and four workstations with specialized software (e.g., R, Stata, SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS, Gephi, SPAD, and ATLAS.ti). The Collaboratory is open during D-Lab’s regular hours on a first-come, first-served basis to UC Berkeley researchers with a CalNet ID. For after-hours access please discuss with a D-Lab staff member.

Training and meeting space

The Convening Room is available for workshops, working groups, and D-Lab-related events. It is equipped with a projector, can be set up for video conferencing and distance learning, and has 24 touchdown spaces on powered tables that can be folded as needed against the back wall.

Consulting space

The consulting room is available for data and methods consultations by D-Lab users and staff. It can be used during Collaboratory open hours. Please review the calendar and contact D-Lab via email to book the room. Whenever it is not reserved, it can be used for drop-in consulting. For more information about consulting services, see our current listing.


Instructional Lab - 64 Barrows is no longer available!


Workspace Use Policy

Please read and comply with the D-Lab Workspace Use Policy.


Research space - 350 Barrows Hall

D-Lab’s research space has staff workspace and offices. It is the home of the UC DATA archive.

Visitors are welcome. Access is through the entry across from the Collaboratory.


The California Census Research Data Center

The CCRDC is located in Barrows Hall. Contact D-Lab staff member Jon Stiles, Director of Research, for information about access. 

Cold room

Increasingly, access to many datasets which require stronger protections for confidentiality need to be situated in a secure computing environment.  D-Lab provides a “cold room” for such purposes on the third floor of Barrows. The cold room service is available to anyone affiliated with the UC Berkeley who needs such a facility in order to get a restricted data license, with prior approval from the D-Lab and an approved IRB protocol.  Let us know at ucdata@berkeley.edu if you have need of such a facility or services.