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Data resources are at the heart of good research. This page lists data resources operating under the D-Lab umbrella. We hope to add capacity to host additional data resources. See the campus resources page for additional resources across the Berkeley campus. In Spring 2013 D-Lab incorporated the UC DATA archive, which serves campus needs for public use data, and the California Census Research Data Center (CCRDC), which supports access to selected restricted use data.

D-Lab Data Service Partnerships

  • We are part of the U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center Network (SDB/BIDC). We serve as the regional center for distributing U.S. Census data in California.
  • We are Official Representatives for ICPSR and the Roper Center and distributor for the California/Field Poll. We provide access to these data to the entire UC Berkeley Campus.
  • We provide technical assistance in producing new datasets from administrative and other data sources.
  • We provide consultation and assistance on data analysis.
  • We broaden use of social science data analysis and collaboration through campus outreach.

Contact us to see how we can help you.


From 1991 to 2012 UC DATA, as part of the Survey Research Center (SRC), was UC Berkeley's principal archive of digitized social science data and statistics.   In Spring 2013 UC DATA moved under the umbrella of the D-Lab Data Services program, while the SRC became part of the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues (ISSI).  As UC DATA and as D-Lab Data Services, our goal is to support the social science data needs of UC Berkeley researchers. Our full mission includes providing access to a broad range of computerized social science data to faculty, staff, and students at UC Berkeley, and helping researchers understand the content and context of social science data, including geography, weighting, complex designs, and missing data. 

The UC DATA archive is now managed by the D-Lab. It includes the following resources:

Berkeley FSRDC

The Berkeley Federal Statistical Research Data Center is a partnership between the University of California at Berkeley and the Census Bureau. It is one of more than 30 secure facilities in the U.S. where approved researchers can access and analyze otherwise unavailable microdata collected or held by the Census Bureau, BEA, BLS, NCHS, and AHRQ. Although some of these data have corresponding public use files, management of disclosure risk in the public use files usually entails top-coding or recoding of variables and substantially limited identifiable geographies. Many other research datasets in the FSRDCs simply have no corresponding public use microdata. Because the observations have individual identifiers, they can often be linked to other data sets. A fuller description of the resources in the FSRDC Program can be found here. For more information about the Berkeley FSRDC check out our webpage here.

Zillow ZTRAX Data at Berkeley

The D-Lab and IPIRA jointly manage access to the Zillow ZTRAX dataset at Berkeley. ZTRAX, or Zillow Transactions and Assessor Dataset, is a nation-wide housing database composed of two distinct sets of tables. The ZTransaction tables include information from more than 374 million detailed public records across over 2,750 counties. The ZAssessment tables include property characteristics, detailed geographic information, and prior assessor valuations on approximately 200 million parcels in over 3,100 counties. These data are only available to currently active UC Berkeley employees including faculty, staff, postdocs and student employees (e.g. GSR, GSI, student assistant, reader). Non-Berkeley folks should see the Zillow ZTRAX webpage for information on how to request access. Please email ztrax@berkeley.edu for more information about getting access to these data.

California Public Opinion Polls

The D-Lab is the distributor for the California/Field Polls and for the IGS Polls. We provide access to these survey data to the entire UC Berkeley Campus. Click here for more information.

Social Sciences and Digital Humanities Limited Use Datasets for the UC Berkeley campus

The D-Lab and the Library partnered to make a set of social science and digital humanities data resources available to the UC Berkeley scholarly community. These data were acquired as part of a joint pilot program called the Data Acquisition and Access Program (DAAP). These data are now managed by the Library.

The DAAP datasets all have restrictions on their access and use. Berkeley users can gain access to these data upon satisfactory completion of a data use agreement specific to the resource. 

The DAAP datasets are valuable for a wide range of research including linguistic, social science and data science (e.g., text analysis) applications. Here is a list of these datasets with their associated link to the UC Berkeley Library catalog record.  A more comprehensive description of these datasets and related resources can be found on the Library’s Guide to Text Mining & Computational Text Analysis.

Qualtrics Support on Campus

The D-Lab works with a campus consortium to provide access to and support for the Qualtrics Online Survey platform, funded in part by a generours grant from the UC Berkeley Student Technology Fund. D-Lab provides workshops, consultations and documentation to support the use of this powerful tool in alignment with survey development and research design best practices. For information on getting started with Qualtrics and finding technical and user support resources, see the campus Qualtrics Service page