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The D-Lab is tuned into other research and data-focused programs offered by parent and affiliate institutions. Here you will find a collection of additional resources to help our users with their research needs.

Data resources are at the heart of good research. This page lists data resources operating under the D-Lab umbrella. We hope to add capacity to host additional data resources. See the campus resources page for additional resources across the Berkeley campus.

In Spring 2013 D-Lab incorporated the UC DATA archive, which serves campus needs for public use data, and the California Census Research Data Center (CCRDC), which supports access to selected restricted use data.

UC Berkeley is home to a rich and diverse set of data-related resources, housed in a wide variety of settings. We are developing descriptions and links to computing labs, consulting services, research centers, library facilities, databases, labs, and other resources found across campus. We have also compiled a short list of groups and programs offered by UC Berkeley and its affiliates that may be of interest to D-Lab's users. Not all of these resources are affiliated directly with D-Lab, and some user restrictions may apply.

Learning about what data- or method-oriented courses are available should be simple. Because the UC Berkeley schedule of classes has limited search capabilities, D-Lab creates listings of Berkeley graduate and undergraduate courses each semester that cover methods, approaches, techniques, tools, software, or data relevant to data-intensive social science across departments and disciplines.