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UC DATA is UC Berkeley's principal archive of digitized social science data and statistics. Our goal is to support the social science data needs of UC Berkeley researchers. Our full mission includes providing access to a broad range of computerized social science data to faculty, staff, and students at UC Berkeley, and helping researchers understand the content and context of social science data, including geography, weighting, complex designs, and missing data. We pursue this mission through partnerships:

  • We are part of the U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center Network (SDB/BIDC). We serve as the regional center for distributing U.S. Census data in California.
  • We are Official Representatives for ICPSR and the Roper Center and distributor for the California/Field Poll. We provide access to these data to the entire UC Berkeley Campus.
  • We provide technical assistance in producing new datasets from administrative and other data sources.
  • We provide consultation and assistance on data analysis.
  • We broaden use of social science data analysis and collaboration through campus outreach.